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The Pet Resort is all about community. We have many people, businesses and agencies who we deal with on a daily basis. Here are just a few…

Vision Australian                Sam Brown (co-owner) is a proud puppy carer for Seeing Eye Dogs Australia. Here is Sam with Urban during his training at the Roma Street Fire Station. You can LIKE him on Facebook

Red Day Coaching                   Jo Hassan (co-owner) is an outstanding business coach who has been instrumental in converting the Pet Resort from a train wreck to an awesome business that has thousands of ‘raving fans’. If you would like to speak to Jo and learn more about Red Day Coaching you can contact her via the website or you can LIKE her on her on Facebook

Greymouse                   In 2008 we engaged a Call Centre that could support our growth and pet care goals. We employ 30 people in Australia to care for your pets and 3 in Fiji to take your calls and bookings. We are very proud of Fijian Family. If you are interested in how your business could benefit from similar services contact them via the website or LIKE them on Facebook




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