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EVERYTHING YOU need to know about Canine Cough (Kennel Cough) AKA the Common Cold For Dogs (just like us humans get the flu each year)

Canine Cough is a very misunderstood condition. Canine Cough has been unfairly labelled ‘Kennel Cough’. Dogs do not get Canine Cough from our Pet Resort, they get it from other dogs.

So, whenever your dog is exposed to another dog at places such as beaches, leash-free parks, veterinary surgeries, grooming salons, training clubs, dog-show competitions, the neighbours and even in the street – they can be exposed to Canine Cough.

Unless you wrap them up in cotton wool and NEVER socialise them, at some time in its life your dog will get Canine Cough. Yes, dogs are vaccinated for some strains of Canine Cough (C4 covers a virus called Canine Parainfluenza and C5 covers bacteria called Bordatella) but vets and Boarding Facilities never really know what strain of the Cough your dog may have presently.

It is very much like the common cold for humans, and every year a new breed of influenza hits the streets. It is very much like Swine Flu in that it’s highly contagious and some dogs may get very sick.

The purpose of this information is to NOT to provide veterinary advice. If you are at all concerned about Canine Cough or any other aspect of your dog’s health, then you must speak to your vet.

So why don’t drug companies make new vaccines for dogs like they do for human issues like Swine Flu? It’s really about money and research. Basically, it costs billions of dollars to produce and distribute vaccines and really, many pet owners are not going to pay for the extra expense when visiting the vet.

The best way to view Canine Cough is to see it for what it is – the common cold for your dog. If your dog develops symptoms that are flu-like, for example, coughing, sneezing, or it sounds like they are choking on a bone or it may sound like they are pulling on a choker lead…then it is probably Canine Cough.

If your dog is ‘WELL and HEALTHY’ in every other regard (i.e. they are eating and drinking normally) then most dogs will get through the Cough on their own. We are not sure of the statistics, but in most cases, dogs will self-heal Canine Cough.

If you choose to go to the vet, then most will prescribe antibiotics to assist with any secondary infections. A visit to the vet will cost anywhere from $100 to $260, depending on the vet or the time of the visit (for example, it is more expensive on the weekends).

If the term Canine Cough sends TERROR through your world, then DO NOT USE any Boarding Facility (including using home pet services). If you use a Boarding Facility, or your dog plays with ANY other dog, at some point in their lifetime your dog will get this condition. The owners of The Pet Resort have had dogs their whole life and all of them have had Canine Cough.  None of their dogs have had any serious implications from the condition.

On a final note, most dogs will recover from their symptoms and be completely well within 7 days of showing signs of Canine Cough. Some dogs will get sicker and need antibiotics.

It is NOT the responsibility of the Boarding Facility to pay vet bills associated with Canine Cough.

It is, however, the Boarding Facility’s responsibility to use high-quality disinfectants and to isolate any affected dogs.

We hope this is USEFUL INFO

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